Lunch Selections

Served after 11:30 am with french fries or curly fries.
Substitute your fries for Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings, Grilled Veggies or Side Salad for $1.


Our Signature Burger: The Johnny B Bull Burger | $8.99

A favourite of Johnny B himself, our authentic signature 1/2 pound burger is smothered with sauteed mushrooms & onions, layered below a level swiss cheese topped off with a fried egg.

Build Your Own 1/2 Pound Burger | $7.99
Make it a Double Cheeseburger...Add $2

Start off with one type of cheese: American, Swiss or Mozzarella accompanied with lettuce, tomato or mayo. Add grilled onions, mushrooms, baon, double cheese or an egg, all at additional charge.


The Johnny B Club | $9.99

Served with coleslaw and french fries, the club is topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo perfected when you choose:

  • 2 Meats: Bacon, Ham or Turkey...add all 3for $1!
  • 1 Cheese: American, Mozzarella or Swiss
  • Bread: Rye, Wheat or White

BLT | $6.99
The Johnny B Cobb | $6.99

Thinly sliced turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato & Swiss cheese served on a grilled kaiser roll w/ mayo on the side.

The Titanic | $9.99

A whole shipload of stuff including: ham, turkey, American cheese, mozzarella cheese, tomato, lettuce, Italian dressing, onions and pickles sunk between the slices of a half loaf of Italian bread.


Combo Melt | $7.99

Turkey & ham tucked in with American cheese and grilled on your choice of bread.

Patty Melt | $8.99

1/3# burger tucked in with American cheese and grilled onions on your choice of bread.

Veggie Melt | $6.99

Your choice of cheese (American, Swiss or Mozzarella) with tomato, onion, mushrooms and peppers on your choice of bread.

Italian Melt | $7.99

Pepperoni, ham and mozzarella cheese grilled on garlic Italan bread with a side of marinara sauce.



Chicken Tender Basket | $8.99

Four lightly breaded & deep fried tenders. (Half basket, $5.99)

Shrimp Basket | $8.99

Deep fried popcorn shrimp served with homemade cocktail sauce.

Fish Basket | $8.99

Deep fried cod served with a side of tarter sauce.

Fisherman's Basket | $9.99

Deep fried scallops, shrimp and flounder.


1/2 Spaghetti or Mostaccoli w/ Meatballs or Sausage | $7.99

Our famous homemade Mama Rosa's spaghetti sauce served over pasta and topped w/ 1 homemade meatball or 1 piece of Italian sausage with garlic bread.

1/2 Cheese Ravioli | $7.99

4 blended cheese ravioli topped with our homemade sauce and 1 meatball with garlic bread.

1/2 Tim's Meatloaf | $7.99

With mashed potatoes & gravy.